Sunday, January 3, 2016

Healthcare: Preventative, Protective, Protocols and Procedures

I am very interested in how to prevent disease - how to protect health i.e.. FIRST DO NO HARM, and the Protocols and Procedures used within the Clinical Environment.

We've discovered there is much we can do to prevent disease - but many times it is random or genetic or occurs despite our best efforts to prevent it.

What happens when you have an illness and enter the Clinical Environment - pluses and minuses...

I am in awe of many healthcare professionals - they show compassion and kindness in 12 hour days or nights - day after day.  

I am dismayed by the culture of mismanagement, disorganization and discipline (lack thereof)!  Nurses, doctors and other healthcare worker's good intentions are not empowered by process, protocols and procedures.  These protocols and procedures should be in place to minimize errors & exacerbations of a problem, and to facilitate effective remedies.  If they are in place, rare is enforcement and review.

Lack of a gold standard for medical tests and checkups to find disease early.

Medical costs are huge even for the insured.

Many people are unable to take control of their health, repeat habits and/or remain in the environment which led them to illness to begin with.  They are a repetitive burden on the healthcare system.

Many innovations do not come to the forefront on a timely basis to save many of our loved ones.  They lack funding and initiatives.

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