Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2011 Heirloom Tomato Varieties Custom Grown

Our tomato plants are ready to be planted this week! CSA members will benefit from lots of great red and purple types - mouthwatering sunbursts of flavor in no time! Each member can pick ripe tomatoes beginning around July - harvest is limited to a smaller basket (but still generous) once per week.

We are also selling some of our custom grown tomato plants until June 7th.
The price per plant is .65 - Each order is 16 plants - while supplies last.
Offer open until June 7. Pick up in Utica NH area - email your order.

maximum from this group = 5 of any variety
cuor di bue
pantano romanesco
san marzano
striped roman
cherokee purple

maximum from this group = 1 of any variety
beauty queem
rei dos
mama leone
black early
black oxheart
black giant
black pear
igneli gigante
illini star
orange purple smudge