Friday, October 2, 2015

Heirloom Tomato Review

these are beefsteak - tomato sandwiches that can't be beat!
I prefer Pantano Romanesco above all other slicing tomatoes, than I opt for any pink variety - they both have less seeds and more thick flesh for a rich slice...see the list below for varieties I planted that I would plant again!

any tomato will do that is a beefsteak variety - smaller - like the Cour di Bue or the Pantano - the recipe calls for salting the tomato slices, doing a vinegar bath, placing in jars/no lid with oil, garlic, oregano, dried hot red pepper

any tomato will do, if cooked properly, roasted paste tomatoes are the best, but any tomato, cooked, and drained in the refrigerator overnight, will equal a paste consistency.  we freeze lots of tomatoes for a frozen product I developed in 2005 - farmers market frozen foods!

.............................................................our farm stand does sells few tomatoes locally - no one pays what it's worth to grow them - yet, I do it for the love of growing them.  Next year - we are taking a year off from tomatoes - after 25 years.  Here, I am selling them for only 50 cents each - less than $1 per pound.  

This is a list of varieties we planted this year and the ones that I would plant again - my favorites on this list are Pantano Romanesco, Pineapple, Cour di Bue

Pearly Pink - cherry YES
Pineapple - beefsteak YES
Amish Paste - paste YES
Pincipe Borghese - cherry YES
Martino's Roma - plum YES
Gezahnte - paste NO - pretty fluted look but not special taste
Cour di Bue - beefsteak YES
Pink Brandywine - beefsteak YES
Pink Ponderosa - beefsteak
Plum Tigris - plum NO - pretty stripes but tough skin
Pantano Romanesco - my favorite YES YES
Black Elephant - got seeds, no plants ?
Rio Grande - beefsteak YES
Beefsteak NO - more seeds and pulp than other varieties

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fish Taco

something I enjoyed in New Mexico and Florida
using corn tacos, of course gluten free, but especially a blue corn, organic, open pollinated variety
this post was part of a discussion page on making your own corn tortillas
"Found a source for MaĆ­z in New Mexico and all natural slaked lime.
Since then I have made tortillas, atole and tamales just as good as any found in mexico. The trick with authentic tortillas is they have to be made from fresh nixtamal and ground with lava stone to get the texture right.
The masa for tamales is just like the masa for tortillas but the nixtamal must be washed, dried, milled and then sifted to give the highest quality tamales.
If you make tortillas this way (authentic Mexican) the tortillas will last two weeks in the refrigerator! All you do is stack them, wrap them in a clean cloth towel and place in a plastic bag.
After a couple of weeks are up you can still cut them up fry them and make Chilaquiles!
It also helps to have a group of Mexican women teach you the process…"

of course, the key is the fish, they used mahi, mahi
 ...and toppings of fresh ingredients from the garden - tomatoes, lettuce, greens, and herbs, scallions, hot and sweet peppers
garlic and peppers hanging in a restaurant in New Mexico!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Love Apple

The Tomato is the Love Apple, pomme d'amour, in Italian.  2015 Harvest is beginning.  $2.50/bag

Saturday, August 8, 2015


shown here as tall as the silo...

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kutik's Honey

...a truck moving bee boxes to pollinate a field somewhere...

My review of local products continue with a mention of Kutik's honey.  I am particularly fond of their orange blossom honey.  No, it is not "local" - in the sense that the orange groves the bees pollinate are south - far from NYS - but the honey is really good - and I am supporting a local company.  Their prices are reasonable, especially if you buy in bulk.

Something to consider when purchasing from the lil guy/ small business - is to ask for their price break or wholesale price and the minimum quantity to achieve that price point.  Than get a bunch of friends and coworkers to buy in to get that price.

More on that later...
Their orange blossom honey reminds me of the Greek honey I used to buy in NYC.

The bees in Greece are sometimes made to pollinate only thyme blossoms and by doing so create this thick perfumed honey - tastes perfect with Greek yogurt, honey cakes, and lots of other sweet treats!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Garlic Harvest

garlic harvest 2015

here we use a air compressor to blow off the dirt from the field
every large garlic head is replanted - to ensure another crop each year
we hope to expand production
central new york is considered the perfect climate for garlic cultivation
...individual cloves become a garlic head - planted in October - overwintered - and harvested in July
we plant a garlic variety - rocombole - italian easy peel

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mixed green salad

lettuce greens with kale makes for a great mixed salad

MISO easy Dressing

lime juice
miso paste
soy sauce

variation, add peanuts or any nut butter i.e. sesame/tahini for peanut dressing