Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kutik's Honey

...a truck moving bee boxes to pollinate a field somewhere...

My review of local products continue with a mention of Kutik's honey.  I am particularly fond of their orange blossom honey.  No, it is not "local" - in the sense that the orange groves the bees pollinate are south - far from NYS - but the honey is really good - and I am supporting a local company.  Their prices are reasonable, especially if you buy in bulk.

Something to consider when purchasing from the lil guy/ small business - is to ask for their price break or wholesale price and the minimum quantity to achieve that price point.  Than get a bunch of friends and coworkers to buy in to get that price.

More on that later...
Their orange blossom honey reminds me of the Greek honey I used to buy in NYC.

The bees in Greece are sometimes made to pollinate only thyme blossoms and by doing so create this thick perfumed honey - tastes perfect with Greek yogurt, honey cakes, and lots of other sweet treats!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Garlic Harvest

garlic harvest 2015

here we use a air compressor to blow off the dirt from the field
every large garlic head is replanted - to ensure another crop each year
we hope to expand production
central new york is considered the perfect climate for garlic cultivation
...individual cloves become a garlic head - planted in October - overwintered - and harvested in July
we plant a garlic variety - rocombole - italian easy peel

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mixed green salad

lettuce greens with kale makes for a great mixed salad

MISO easy Dressing

lime juice
miso paste
soy sauce

variation, add peanuts or any nut butter i.e. sesame/tahini for peanut dressing

Clam Bake Cookout

We prepared a twist on the RI Clam Bake featured here in the NYTimes:

we did not have rice like a paella but put the pan over a rack on an open fire - the pan was filled with wine and butter, lemon juice and fresh herbs - than we placed the seafood in order of the cooking time.  Any seafood will do.  We did not have lobster - calamari, shrimp , and clams -  were put into the pan in that order.  Like the article stated - steam the clams separately and than mix together to ensure the clams do not overcook and open properly.

Nutritionally, clams are one of the highest sources of B-12 vitamin, naturally.

we also added fresh picked greens from the gardens such as beet green which cook up to a spinach consistency and taste like beets!  I anticipated adding some new potatoes but they were not ready for picking.  We used some bread to sop up the juice.  Cheyenne or other hot peppers will add a nice touch served on the side for individual heat preferences, as well as lemon wedges.

To cover the paella pan as the seafood cooked, we placed foil on top of the pan on the fire.  I should have added a layer of nori sheets to duplicate the effect of seaweed essence.

it was a memorable meal as my sister recalled fondly in a phone call later that week!  The paella pan held up well to the fire pit flames but needed to be handled with care and gloves.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Bridle Paths

we mow the paths for easy running of dogs and riding of horses...the hay fields need the perimeter mowed so the first row dries better.  Still the outside row is always the hardest to get right.

The dogs love this run, with the river on the edge, they jump in as the weather warms and go for a swim.
This is me with June, now retired - she was good to ride so far from the Barn while the rest of our horses would become too spooked to be far from the herd, June Royal was very good to me.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Plantings 2015

For the last 25 plus years, only non Gmo - heirloom, organic and sustainable practices have been used on this farm.  I have not certified organic due to the initial cash outlay, and annual paperwork involved.  Just another "racket".  we would use that term to mean sham.

New stakes for the tomatoes - Gene made from locust trees knocked down by the storm last year.  250 plants
...........................................the garlic looks good too!

Pearly Pink - cherry
Pineapple - beefsteak
Amish Paste - paste
Pincipe Borghese - cherry
Martino's Roma - plum
Gezahnte - paste
Cour di Bue
Pink Brandywine - beefsteak
Pink Ponderosa - beefsteak
Plum Tigris - plum
Pantano Romanesco  - my favorite
Black Elephant - got seeds, no plants
Rio Grande - beefsteak

In addition, there are yukon gold, and blue potatoes, silver queen corn, kale, lettuce, herbs,winter squash.

still to go in are cucumbers and zucchini!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

here the pizzas are lined up awaiting the wood fired oven...the pies can't be too close to the intense heat as they cook, or it will burn before the dough cooks....and to make the bottoms crusty, keep the floor of the oven clean and do not touch the pies often, let them sit, spin only when it's time.

pizza dough

(I used only 00 flour, but use AP , whole wheat, spelt, in combo for a really good crust)
the wood fired oven makes everything tastes fantastic!

1 cup plus 1tbl   00 flour  + 1 cup AP
1 tsp honey or sugar
3/4 tsp active dry yeast
1 tsp olive oil
1 cup water = 105 - 115 F
salt to taste

combine water yeast and sugar until foams
use kitchen aid
combine flour , salt , olive oil with yeast mixture and with dough hook, mix, until pulls away
coat with olive oil
let almost double in size
punch down and shape

portable wood fired pizza ovens are popping up all over the place!