Saturday, September 10, 2016

Veggie pasta

This the season for veggie pasta salads that are spiralized for the noodle effect.
I am using fresh picked cucumbers and yellow squash from the gardens

This is my recipe for tahini dressing

Coriander ground fresh, preferred
Chiffon add Thai basil, or pineapple
Lime juice, or lemon fresh squeeze preferred
Tahini, of course
Garlic, crushed or minced
Soy sauce or tamari
Spice of fresh ground pepper, or chili flakes, cayenne, or hot pepper minced
Ginger, if available

Whisk this all together to form a creamy dressing
For creamier, add buttermilk, sour cream, yogurt, or coconut milk
For tangier, add apple cider vinegar,

2016 Harvest

Various pesto meal boosters to be frozen for use during winter months.  We have a really good basil garden this year!

This is a pumpkin plant that grew in one of the goat paddocks.  I've yet to identify which heirloom winter squash seed this came from...stay tuned!

The Heirloom tomatoes are always fantastic...this year was no exception.  Unfortunately, other people nearby do not appreciate this bounty as they would in other we freeze a lot for winter use!