Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The pumpkin harvest included some mystery winter squash which, I believe, based on outer markings, and thick consistency - that it mat be lower salmon river, kaboucha, or red kuru - or a combination thereof.

I found it in the goat pen - which they used in early spring - but not all summer.  A bountiful harvest and discovery -  great for us!

I'm saving seed.  sooo good!  My favorite, marina di Chioggia, is harder to cut due to the many indentations - this is the ideal alternative.  Taste and acts like a sweet potato only huge!

Pictured above that is my on a veggie burgers with pumpkin forward main ingredient.

Other ingredients included:

the pumpkin cooked and pureed
egg whites for binding
leftover stuffing from thanksgiving which included diced italian bread, chestnuts, apples, onions, and spices
other spices such as turmeric, blk pepper, salt
sesame seeds
kidney beans
nutritional yeast
tvp protein
red onlion

the wonderful thing about veggie burgers is the condiments meat eaters use - for me - such as:
a burger bun - of course - I will be trying the one from Utica Bread - a brioche type - this was a potato bun
home canned pickles from a friend - so crunchy - I think it was a lite bread and butter type
hot pepper puree
ketchup - which I have frozen from out tomato harvest
himalayan salt

very very good "junk" food with high nutrient content due to all the good organic fresh picked veggies!