Sunday, July 20, 2014


Lets TALK SOUP!!!!

I remember a zucchini soup that involved onions, a little butter for body, and zucchini - blanched or sauteed - then put into a blender for some fantastic and quick/ easy soup.  Who needs veggie, chicken or beef stock - you can just blend up whatever is to become THE SOUP!

It may not look great - but the taste is!  Fresh picked swiss chard  - cut the stalk and compost that -  lightly cooked in a little bit of water, added some butter melted in the water, and put all into a blender with fresh picked garlic for a very delectable, unrefined green soup - better than any spinach soup I ever tasted!  I left some chunky texture.  You can vary any soup with herbs, spices, and additional items for crunch or add beans blended or not - and add cream or coconut milk for even further variations.  The key is fresh and naturally grown veggies and garlic, chives, shallots or onions.