Saturday, March 12, 2011

A little Hamlet, a wonderful Farmers Market!

Today I met and enjoyed many vendors at the Poolville Farmers Market.  It is the first market I've been to since my days at the WTC breezing through the farmers market to buy lunch things long before I knew I'd have my own farm one day.  Since then,  I have been a farmer for 20 years - a Connoisseur longer than that.   Farmers Markets are the cornerstone of farmer to consumer distribution.

- Each vendor took in between  $150- $400.  The market only ran from 10am-12pm (2 hours) so that amounts to a wage of $75-200/hr.  Sales were brisk and people that came - came to buy.

- I would love to bring my products to market once we get our 20k processing facility

Products that include frozen veggies,  heirloom tomato puree, combination meals such as Tuscan soup, and Giambotta.  Brick oven Neopolitan Pizza.  Amaretti Cookies and Italian Cheese Cake.  Frittatas from our Farm fresh eggs.