Sunday, May 10, 2015


We picked asparagus yesterday, May 9th, at Greig Farm in Red Hook, NY - in the Hudson Valley...visiting, I decided to "do a little digging" on local sustainable farms that grow asparagus. Tis the Season!  Since I have a UPICK farm of my own,  I support other farms in picking items I don't grow on my own.

The following series - The UPICK Series - reviews my findings.  Happy Picking!

... see my previous UPICK post on blueberries in Cooperstown area.

to learn more about Greig farm - here is a link
greig farm

the farm provides boxes and bags - you pick any one asparagus of your choosing at least 6in tall, they weigh it...  Cash only, the 2015 price was $3/ pound compared to their 3.50/lb retail.

What is a sustainable farm? - in brief, a farm that does not use pesticides or herbicides, and practices techniques that are sustainable to the ecosystem - less monoculture, more diversity, non GMO, preservation of land for wildlife and other natural life forms.

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