Sunday, May 31, 2015

Plantings 2015

For the last 25 plus years, only non Gmo - heirloom, organic and sustainable practices have been used on this farm.  I have not certified organic due to the initial cash outlay, and annual paperwork involved.  Just another "racket".  we would use that term to mean sham.

New stakes for the tomatoes - Gene made from locust trees knocked down by the storm last year.  250 plants
...........................................the garlic looks good too!

Pearly Pink - cherry
Pineapple - beefsteak
Amish Paste - paste
Pincipe Borghese - cherry
Martino's Roma - plum
Gezahnte - paste
Cour di Bue
Pink Brandywine - beefsteak
Pink Ponderosa - beefsteak
Plum Tigris - plum
Pantano Romanesco  - my favorite
Black Elephant - got seeds, no plants
Rio Grande - beefsteak

In addition, there are yukon gold, and blue potatoes, silver queen corn, kale, lettuce, herbs,winter squash.

still to go in are cucumbers and zucchini!

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