Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture "is profitable, protects the nation’s land and water and is a force for a rewarding way of life for farmers and ranchers whose quality products and operations sustain their communities and society." as defined by SARE.org

The greatest boost to our mission of providing alternative markets for small farmers came in the form of a grant from SARE - Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education. Here is a link to the report we filed with them on our Farmers Frozen Foods product. We encourage you to use their site to find out more about sustainable agriculture and the benefits to our health and the environment!


Anyone that has ideas to help farmers better sustain themselves and the Earth, should be encouraged to submit a grant proposal. Sare is eager to assist you.

I encourage consumers to access maps and lists of small farmers nearest their home so that they can purchase directly according to their needs. One small thing, such as eggs from a small farmer, is one less dollar allocated to the large commercial enterprises. Eggs, cheeses, meats, honey, maple syrup, vegetables, fruits...prepared foods, frozen foods, bulk foods...please let your farmer provide as much of this as possible.

Future postings will give farm listings by region in the Northeast States of NY, NJ, CT, Mass, and Vermont to help find your way and suggested resources to get you there.

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