Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Strong Bones

A study suggests that "a diet laden with fruits and vegetables but relatively low in acid-producing protein and moderate in cereal grains could lead to stronger bones than the typical American diet." The theory is that proteins are rich in acid they introduce into the bloodstream. Bones are the storage tank for calcium compounds that regulate the acid-base balance of the blood (7.35-7.45), a very narrow range. When the blood becomes even slightly too acid, alkaline calcium compounds — like calcium carbonate — are leached from bones to reduce the acidity.

Those whose intake of Fruits and vegetables (introduce alkaline material into bloodstream) daily met the RDA, experienced much lower levels of calcium loss in the urine, as well as a loss of N-telopeptide, the biochemical marker of bone resorption. Those eating more protein raised the loss of calcium in urine, but also improved intestinal absorption of calcium and thus might not result in bone loss.

Except for hard cheeses, which are proteins, most dairy foods, including milk, are metabolized to compounds that are essentially neutral. Protein intake for an adult, measured as a percentage of ideal body weight translates to that for example a woman IBW 120 pounds(5ft 3inch tall)needs only 44 grams of protein a day."

Many Americans eat 200 pounds of meat/year which equates to a whopping 250 grams (or 1/2 lb) per day - six times the RDA!

#### area in quotation taken from NYTIMES.COM

Eggshells to Powdered Calcium Supplement
Besides eating just fruits and vegetables, I am exploring using our organic, cleaned and dried eggshells to supplement calcium in the diet.


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