Monday, February 2, 2009

Working with Children to Become More Active

Surprisingly, as a farmer in an underserved rural area, I worked more with inner city children than rural youth. I was a youth softball coach for girls and we trained and practiced daily. One of the things that was effective- provide a different activity everyday - this promotes enthusiasm. Kids get bored doing the same thing everyday - who doesn't? Mentoring children is a great gift because it enlightens them to other lifestyles, professions, and opens new worlds to them! Noble pursuits such as healthcare, the arts and agriculture is often overlooked.

The program - Food Works linked here makes so much sense:

Critical is providing physical activity for kids, especially the NON Athletes, farm to school food programs using my Farmers Frozen Food product design, teaching communication, as well as ecology. Last summer, we introduced over 12 rural children to farming, including putting up hay, planting vegetables, mulching, tying up tomato plants, and caring for animals! We are especially proud when they come back the next summer to help...

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