Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Feeding Frenzy

What I knew about the feeding frenzy - than - began from a painting I saw, named "The Feeding Frenzy".

Today's feeding frenzy represents conglomerates - production of bad food - at the cost of obesity and diabetes - megabucks for overprocessed and artificially cheap commodities.

"People pay as much as 50 percent more for organic food. The modern organic movement in the United States was started by a handful of counterculture farmers looking to grow food using methods that they believed were better for the land and produced healthier food. It was a culture built on purity and trust that emphasized the relationship between the farmer and the customer...Organics has grown from an $11 billion business in the United States in 2001 to one that now generates more than $20 billion in sales, so the stakes for farmers, processors and certifiers can be high. But the agency overseeing the certifying process has long been considered underfunded and understaffed. Critics have called the system dysfunctional. A Maine blueberry farmer who does organic inspections, said agents have an incentive to approve companies that are paying them. Certifiers have a considerable financial interest in keeping their clients going." March 2009 NYTimes

”What can we do to limit the Feeding Frenzy? Be aware of what you eat by visiting the farms and processors that you buy from. Limit consumption of goods and services to real healthful and joyous products and services, like small farm products, spa and massage, artwork and travel. Encourage everyone to support - SMALL farms - by introducing them to a favorite product, and COLLECTIVELY we'll make better CHOICES! We'll grow nutritiously, care for animals humanely...and care enough for you and your family!

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