Friday, December 11, 2015

Product Review

REVIEW - ingredients are very good - the apricot is very tart, tasting the orange and lemon but not the apricot.  The Pear is very textured, grainy, like a pear and has more of a pear flavor than the apricot has of apricot.  All in all - I think this company attempts to create a wholesome product.  I would like to see the percentage of the main fruit listed to determine the authenticity of the fruit itself contained within. I paid $46+11 shipping for 12, 18 oz glass jars.  A cost of $4.75 per jar which is a good price for a local product.  They are not organic.  That would be nice.  But it appears from the video they do a good job of washing the fruit before they process.  Apple butter is their main product - that includes only apples and apple cider - and that product is really good!  Very thick and apple like.

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