Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wild Mustard Greens

One of the best wild edibles is mustard greens - I have to thank a friend eating green in the Hudson Valley for his great referral of these greens - so I am passing it on to you so more people are aware of this wonderful wild edible.  Wild greens are more nutritious than cultivated.  There are many types in the brassica family - the ones I like the best are 1/ garlic mustard

this forms a white flower - this is one of the first wild greens to emerge in the SPRING!

and 2/ the larged leaf mustard forming a "broccoli rabe" type head
these are prolific NOW! - we are picking them along with GARLIC SCAPES - and saute with olive oil for that garlic leafy green combo - add beans - chickpeas or cannelloni beans - for a fantastic and nutritious meal...

Learn more from this video.  Once I start posting videos -  I'll show you how to cook these Italian style as opposed to the boiling American style as Steve is doing here.  Cute and informative videos from eat the

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