Thursday, February 21, 2013

Planting Tomatoes with my Dad

When I was growing up we had a kitchen garden in the backyard - my father came from a farming family - they grew tomatoes for Campbell's Soup Co in the early days.  I learned at an early age how to grow tomatoes.

Tomatoes at the ready for jarring tomato sauce at harvest time - we enjoyed them many ways - most notably as a tomato salad - and 2nd to none in my opinion - in a sandwich with mayo.

My Dad came up with putting plastic down and growing organically long before anyone else thought of it - although I do not use plastic anywhere on the farm - thinking that it must leach into the soil - instead I mulch with straw & grass clippings  - plastic would be so much easier!

Fond memories of working with my Dad in the garden and of my mother watering every night.

In UpState NY I water in the early morning - but in Jersey - the perfect climate for tomatoes outside of Italy - it was preferable to water at night.

Why?  The cooler zones hold moisture overnight due to the drop in temperature - and that can harm the plant  - while warmer nights down South is perfect to absorb the water.  If you were to water during the day in these warmer zones you could burn the plant.

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