Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cooking Shows

I enjoy blogs, websites, and shows on the internet - it allows us to explore a wide range of interests from everyday people.  This is entertainment and learning and culture.

Here are the links:
this is a great old show with old Italian recipes
lots of healthy eats!  best watching these shows on and type the show name in search box
really good tips on health and nutrition plus videos on making "raw" dishes from this young couple
I liked these guys better when the website was video only.
Love the accent, plus the clean and natural cooking techniques offered here by Viviane.  Here again some changes to website - videos are under "cook"

want more links?
...I 'll  be posting them as I remember/discover them!  Enjoy and cook dinner tonite!

There are puff mushrooms which grow every spring wild in the fields - they are huge but best eaten small- not the tastiest of mushrooms!

"...if we all stuck to our traditional food-habits and lifestyle and ancient food-wisdom of growing and eating food, without the additives in processed; preserved foods, refined, irradiated, sterilized, genetically modified, chemically altered and highly chemicalized foods grown with toxic pesticides etc. and without the flesh foods of factory animals; ate conciously; with a conscience, I think we will all live long and healthy lives... as for ‘water’... spend a few minutes in the morning blessing it and thanking the water and cells for doing such a great job in keeping us well and alive!

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