Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fish Taco

something I enjoyed in New Mexico and Florida
using corn tacos, of course gluten free, but especially a blue corn, organic, open pollinated variety
this post was part of a discussion page on making your own corn tortillas
"Found a source for MaĆ­z in New Mexico and all natural slaked lime.
Since then I have made tortillas, atole and tamales just as good as any found in mexico. The trick with authentic tortillas is they have to be made from fresh nixtamal and ground with lava stone to get the texture right.
The masa for tamales is just like the masa for tortillas but the nixtamal must be washed, dried, milled and then sifted to give the highest quality tamales.
If you make tortillas this way (authentic Mexican) the tortillas will last two weeks in the refrigerator! All you do is stack them, wrap them in a clean cloth towel and place in a plastic bag.
After a couple of weeks are up you can still cut them up fry them and make Chilaquiles!
It also helps to have a group of Mexican women teach you the process…"

of course, the key is the fish, they used mahi, mahi
 ...and toppings of fresh ingredients from the garden - tomatoes, lettuce, greens, and herbs, scallions, hot and sweet peppers
garlic and peppers hanging in a restaurant in New Mexico!

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