Sunday, July 12, 2015

Clam Bake Cookout

We prepared a twist on the RI Clam Bake featured here in the NYTimes:

we did not have rice like a paella but put the pan over a rack on an open fire - the pan was filled with wine and butter, lemon juice and fresh herbs - than we placed the seafood in order of the cooking time.  Any seafood will do.  We did not have lobster - calamari, shrimp , and clams -  were put into the pan in that order.  Like the article stated - steam the clams separately and than mix together to ensure the clams do not overcook and open properly.

Nutritionally, clams are one of the highest sources of B-12 vitamin, naturally.

we also added fresh picked greens from the gardens such as beet green which cook up to a spinach consistency and taste like beets!  I anticipated adding some new potatoes but they were not ready for picking.  We used some bread to sop up the juice.  Cheyenne or other hot peppers will add a nice touch served on the side for individual heat preferences, as well as lemon wedges.

To cover the paella pan as the seafood cooked, we placed foil on top of the pan on the fire.  I should have added a layer of nori sheets to duplicate the effect of seaweed essence.

it was a memorable meal as my sister recalled fondly in a phone call later that week!  The paella pan held up well to the fire pit flames but needed to be handled with care and gloves.

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