Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Field Crop Update: May 20th

Cucumbers, Savoy Cabbage

we harvested the following baby greens - very early - the dandelion have only blossomed now - the lilacs are just beginning to bloom!  I am not a fan of baby greens or lettuces - I like my greens hardy.  Tender greens are for pansies... But - it's been a long winter - I need an organic green fix.  My favorite way to eat cooked greens is with sauteed chickpeas/ garbanzo beans, olive oil, red chile or cheyanne pepper, and olives & garlic, if available.  I also scattered tumeric on top.

Field 1:

wild - dandelion
wild - spinach /lambsquarters
wild - garlic mustard
herb - cilantro
herb - mint
lettuce - arugula
lettuce - black seeded simpson
garlic greens
Dragon Mix - a mix of Asian greens such as mustards and kale

Suffered some cucumber plant losses - frost 19th and 20th of May - hopefully the last.  Took a Risk - 80% survived the frost!

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