Friday, March 7, 2014

New Study Advises against animal protein in Middle Age (50-65)

A new study backs up the benefits of eatiing a diet consisting more of plants and legumes for protein sources.  Here is an excerpt from the report
"...subjects ages 50–65 years potentially experiencing benefits from low protein intake, and subjects ages 66+ experiencing detriments. This may explain why previously the strong association between protein intake, IGF-1, disease, and mortality has been poorly understood and controversial..."

More of the study can be found here

here is a response to a commentor from one of the authors of the study:

"A number of studies including ours indicate that you are at an increased risk for developing cancer and possibly other diseases. Also look at the study by Frank Hu at HArvard 2010 annals of internal medicine study on over 120,000 men and women showing that a high animal protein high fat low carb diet was associated with higher overall mortality in both men and women. Naturally, the high level of exercise is increasing your requirements for proteins, but we don't know if that can counterbalance the effects of high protein intake"

Combine this study with the red meat study showing: 
" carnitine - found mostly in red meat and energy drinks and supplements used in body building is responsible for an increase in TMAO levels in the blood - made from a little-studied chemical that is burped out by bacteria in the stomach after people eat red meat. It is quickly converted by the liver into yet another little-studied chemical called TMAO that gets into the blood and increases the risk of heart disease..."

also read the longevity " blue zones" and diet

I think this data makes a great case for very low if not elimination altogether of animal flesh derived consumption.

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