Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ribollita: tuscan kale and savoy cabbage

This is one of my first products for the farmers market frozen foods for which I rec'd a grant in 2005.  The ideal go to meal from the freezer to the soup pot or microwave because it has so many nutrients!

The ingredients for this soup capitalizes on the fall harvest of vegetables including:
tuscan kale or lacinato
savoy cabbage
white or cannelloni beans - soak for 24 hours, cook, strain, and puree some of them for a thicker soup
Italian bread - I add this warm sliced bread at the "plating" stage with some rubbed garlic - Umh good
herbs - I am using sage and parsley

optional - I prefer to leave these out because the flavor of the tomato, bean, and kale is divine by itself

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