Monday, March 4, 2013


This company is beyond dynamic - founder Michael Sacco appears in many youtube videos - not the one featured here which is about their packaging choices - something we have focused on ourselves for our products at Ambrosia Farms. He started a bean to bar factory in Toronto, Canada and appears to sell mostly through farmers markets and direct from the factory and still encourages customers to bring their own containers to purchase unwrapped chocolate and receive a discount - brilliant again! Especially for those repeat customers that previously read the ingredient list.   I encourage you to learn more via youtube search about these young folks doing good work and let them speak for themselves.

 I will have another blog post about the co- opting of dark chocolate - a increasingly popular beneficial food that is loaded with unhealthy additives by comercial companies and still marketed as healthy - once again by large commercial corporations- and even small ones nowadays - with misleading labels! 

This company is one of the REAL deal...
Chocosol 6 St Joseph St Toronto, ON M4Y 1J7, Canada
Phone: (416) 923-6675 photo from EAT PRAY BAKE blog

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