Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcoming the New Year and New Opportunities

This year marks the 25th anniversary of working the farm, over 100 acres preserved in it's natural state (from the 1800s)!  I never tire of this life.  Nurturing animals comes easy to me - I've had an affinity to it since I was 5 years...eating fresh and fine foods learned from great Italian cooks my mother, father, and extended family... being outdoors... being a bit of a maverick... being independent...being challenged.

... life as a farmer is good to me!

I need to finalize our 20c license for commercial kitchen, gain a wider audience for my upickcsa.com, and help distribute the many local farmer artisan and baker products that are soooo much better than similar products for reasons of farmland preservation and carbon footprint as well as taste and nutrition.

Each year I try to grow my farm crops more effectively by becoming more efficient without sacrificing quality.

The many local products that I like besides our own wood fired pizzas, pestos, tuscan soup, frozen heirloom veggies, fresh goat cheese ricotta, and garlic include:
Evans Farmhouse Dairy
Poplar Hedge Farm
Kriemhild Dairy
Kutik Honey
Belly Acres Maple Syrup
Siggi's Yogurt
Sister Farm Produce
Shitae Mushrooms
Haar Family Farm Eggs
Fiddle Tree Farm Melons
Aaron Strawberry Fields

I will be posting individual reviews of small producers products and compare to other local plus store shelf items.

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