Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Butler is our first BUCK, added to our Saanen goat herd in 2010, he will be a year old in May.  We plan on growing our herd slowly and expect doelings in the Spring!  These animals have such personality and our great for petting, walking and all around entertainment.  Our goats are Saanen which is a breed from Switzerland known for good milk production.  We hope to work with local cheese artisans in the near future that will make wonderful foods out of our goats milk.  This Buck is also half Arapawa,  a New Zealand rare breed, which we hope will pass along "the hardiness, self-sustainability, and disease resistance qualities making them a potential source for the stimulation of narrowly bred domestic varieties."  As Heritage breed advocates, we think it is really important to promote the preservation of old breeds, but at the same time careful not to breed this lineage too closely, a risk for any dairy farmer.  With this buck which was bred on another farm, we are hoping to diversify our genetic pool for strong, enduring animals. 

 We do not have children, but love to receive visits from families and their children.  Most of our young visitors,  like the one pictured here,  come with their families for our featherdown.com agritourism stay!  We are proud of our animals and want to share them especially with children.  Our animals are cared for their lifetime, we strive to achieve longevity for each animal.  They are not here for what they do for us, but more what we provide for them, which is a nurturing lifelong commitment!

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