Sunday, January 11, 2009

the cycle of life and sustainable agriculture

Ecosystems represent the "cycle of life" to read more about this see the "Millennium Ecosystem Assessment" published in partnership with the United Nations.

Many people want to know about the growing methods of our farmers, and rightfully so. We are sustainable and natural. We are authentic and local.

Perhaps the author of "The Garden Primer" best sums it up on her website:

"Authentic" is meant to be the flexible term "organic" once was. It identifies fresh foods produced by local growers who want to focus on what they are doing, instead of what they aren't doing. (The word authentic derives from the Greek authentes: one who does things for him or herself.) All foods are produced by the growers who sell them.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs and meat products are produced within a 50-mile radius of their place of their final sale.

The seed and storage crops (grains, beans, nuts, potatoes, etc.) are produced within a 300-mile radius of their final sale.

The farmers frozen foods are sourced within a short distance from our "lil' veggie factories" so they can be processed and frozen with optimum nutrients for wintertime.

Processed foods such as cheese, wine, bread and lactofermented products must be made with, "Authentic ingredients."

The growers' fields, barns and greenhouses are open by appointment, so customers, themselves, can be the certifiers of their food.

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